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The group CAPTAIN MERCIER takes us along through a repertoire of original songs on the ways of ’’their’’ rhythm’ blues. Take the soul spirit of James Brown, the feeling of Otis Redding, the funk of Tower Of Power, the rubble of Wilson Pickett and the “gouaille” of Pauline Carton and you will have an idea from what can occur on scene one evening from concert.

It recalls us that the music is a joy to divide between musicians as much as with the public. Captain Mercier passes with the same happiness of the small clubs of Parisian jazz of the street of Lombards, with the large French scenes of the festivals. To date, it adds up with its credit more than 900 concerts and three albums.

The first, CAPTAIN MERCIER ’’Rhythm’ blues’’
The second, CAPTAIN MERCIER ’’Nothing is used for to suffer’’. (Rien ne sert de souffrir)
The third, CAPTAIN MERCIER ’’The life in funk’’. (La vie en Funk)

The new album: THE LIFE IN FUNK
CAPTAIN MERCIER offers us today a new album entitled ’’The Life in Funk’’, carried out under the artistic direction of Dominique Blanc Francard. ’’The life in Funk’’ is the third album of the group, for which the musicians wanted to explore new musical and instrumental horizons, outward journey in the search of new sounds, without touching the heart, the spirit of the music of the group: the rhythm’ blues. But CAPTAIN MERCIER is especially a machine of explosive groove, a group very insane all funk, humour in the texts, in short, an ant depressor. If you are avid of energy, of delirious scenic attitude, soloists of exceptions, this group whose charisma is not any more to prove is has to see absolutely





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