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Disposable society

Soul Funk Latin AfroJazz

Bai Kamara Jr. describes his music as having a basis in soul with jazz and blues wrapped around it. Sting is cited as an influence,
alongside the likes of Curtis Mayfield, Bob Marley and Marvin Gaye. However, his personally constructed style of music has also arisen from the many various influences
of his younger years in Africa. The creativity is a constant in his life, releasing 3 Albums with Bang Music. Bai continues to appear on radios, TV and live across Europe.
His most successful album The Urban Gipsy with songs like: Substitute, Urban Gipsy, I won’t decide for you, maybe this time... still rocking the radio charts in Belgium, Holland,
and now reaching the US.

His first album Living Room, Intrinsic Equilibrium an acoustic and fairly intimate work with his special voice and twelve songs where lyrics bring to us the message:
We still need to fight for social justice.


BKJ. "Refugee" - Disposable Society

BKJ. "Rise"

Dani Klein ft. Bai Kamara - Substitute for love

Bai Kamara Jr. I will not Decide For You




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