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ROMANE, Jazz Manouche
Marked very young person by the music and the style of Django Reinhardt, Romane was liked, during several years, to make revive in its music a certain tradition of the French jazz named here, jazz manouche or there swing gipsy. Among all the guitarists of jazz which appeared these ten last years, Romane forms part, of those which use the experiment of the past to play a music of topicality. Romane takes time to think the music, to listen to the others. From there, to make evolve/move the tradition was born its desire by opening the doors of this culture to all those which wish to discover it. In testify to many teaching works.
An impressive discography (not less than 14 albums under its name), distributed in the whole world. All these years enabled him to cross its instrument with artists such as Bob Brotzmann, Babik Reinhardt, Chet Atkins, James Carter, Didier Lockwood with which it has divided international scenes for more than four years.
Unic instrumentalist of his kind, his play combines at the same time rigour and dexterity, intelligence and passion. On scene, Romane makes blow the wind of the emotion and serious in the hearts the marks of a passion which animates it since childhood.

Four years have gone by since Romane’s last record as a leader, and today he fronts an exceptional quartet in exploring new musical territories inherited from Django Reinhardt, in a blend of roots Gypsy Swing with the groove of American jazz.
Romane wanted to make this record in a context that reproduced the risk and creative urgency of a live set whilst guaranteeing the sound quality that only the legendary Davout Studio could provide, with a system set up inside the Sunset Club by Artstudio under the supervision of Olivier Kowalksi.
This is Romane’s first album for Frémeaux & Associés – the label is also due to reissue Romane’s first fifteen records- and the guitarist once again shows his determination to be part of music that is still very much alive, with original compositions as the basis for artistic exchanges that look resolutely to the future.
Benjamin Goldenstein & Patrick Frémeaux

ROMANE Lead guitar - Christophe CRAVERO Hammond + violon - Mathieu CHATELAIN & Christophe LAGANE rythmes guitars -Henri DORINA guitar bass





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